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Mollie Englehart Makes All Her Vegan Restaurants Animal Based

Mollie Engelhart - Peak Human Podcast


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In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into Mollie Engelhart's transformative journey from a lifelong vegan upbringing to embracing regenerative agriculture and modifying her Los Angeles restaurant, Sage Bistro, to incorporate regenerative meat. Engelhart shares her compelling story, backed by her experience as both a regenerative farmer and a vegan chef, highlighting the environmental, nutritional, and ethical considerations that led to her pivotal shift. This discussion not only sheds light on the practical aspects of sustainable farming and the impact of dietary choices on personal health and the environment but also illustrates Engelhart's commitment to nutrient-dense food production and her vision for the future of sustainable dining.


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02:33 Molly Engelhardt's Big Announcement: A Vegan Restaurateur's Shift to Regenerative Practices

04:11 The Realities of Veganism and the Importance of Animal Nutrition

14:58 Molly's Personal Journey: From Veganism to Regenerative Farming

22:29 Raising a Family on a Regenerative Farm: Diverse Diets and Health Insights

22:49 Adopting a Regenerative Lifestyle: Osmar's Story

28:36 Navigating Beliefs and Changing Perspectives: A Conversation on Food, Health, and Society

34:16 Celebrating Earth Day with Regenerative Agriculture

34:21 The Common Ground of Soil Health

35:30 The Impact of Big Ag and Big Pharma on Agriculture

36:13 The Harsh Realities of Monocropping

38:07 Embracing Regenerative Farming Practices

44:41 The Journey from Veganism to Regenerative Agriculture

44:42 Traditional Diets and Dental Health

57:07 The Dangers of Processed Foods and the Benefits of Whole Foods

01:05:17 Fermentation: Unlocking Nutritional Value in Indigenous Diets

01:06:40 Reflecting on Modern Diets and the Genius of Human Adaptation

01:07:44 Announcing the New Regenerative Kitchen Concept

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