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Bobby Gill on How Cows Can Save the World - Debunking Vegans with Regenerative Agriculture

Bobby Gill - Peak Human Podcast


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Bobby leads development and communications for the Savory Institute - a global non-profit facilitating the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands to address the root cause of food, water, and climate security. Since 2009, the Savory Institute has influenced management on over 39 million acres of desertifying grassland through its global network of 50 regional Hubs that train and equip farmers, ranchers, and pastoralist communities to utilize the land-regenerating potential of Holistic Management within their cultural and ecological context.

Savory’s new Land to Market program and Ecological Outcome Verification protocol connect verified regenerative supply to philosophically-aligned industries, bringing awareness and accessibility to products whose ecological footprint are a net positive for the planet.

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  • [6:50] Bobby used to be a biomedical engineer.

  • [9:00] Nature is beautiful and fulfilling.

  • [10:50] The tall grass prairie & ruminants.

  • [14:10] Perennial roots dig deep for nutrients and water.

  • [16:10] We are an ecologically illiterate society.

  • [19:10] Healthy land requires grazing herbivores.

  • [21:10] Only one-third of global agriculture land is arable

  • [25:10] It’s not the cow, it’s the how.

  • [32:10] Sometimes feeding grain to cattle makes sense.

  • [38:10] Developing nations rely on livestock.

  • [40:30] Follow the money.

  • [46:10] Is big industry keeping people sick for profit?

  • [49:50] Major hurdles for farmers and ranchers.

  • [52:10] The system isn’t set up for nature-based practices

  • [56:10] The system incentivizes the industrial route.

  • [1:00:10] Outcome-based regenerative practices.

  • [1:04:10] Ecological Outcome Verification.

  • [1:07:10] The future of Nose To Tail.

  • [1:10:10] The brittleness scale.

  • [1:15:20] Overgrazing vs. Undergrazing

  • [1:21:10] After 70 years, Noble Research Institute went 100% regenerative.

  • [1:24:10] The science supports regenerative agriculture.

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Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
08 בספט׳ 2021

Will Harris has/leases 3,000 acres. I visited in 2018. Doing god's work.

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