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Dr. Frederic Leroy Unravels 100 years of the Anti-Meat Agenda

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Frederic Leroy, PhD - Peak Human Podcast


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Specializing in the science and application of animal foods in society and nutrition, Dr. Frederic Leroy is a food scientist, technologist and professor at the University of Brussels. With a dense background in peer-reviewed journals, academic boards, and nonprofits, Dr. Leroy currently is an advocate for a deeper, more nuanced discussion of the importance of animal products, an understanding our our historic relationships with them, and the current war against them in western cultures.

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  • [4:10] - Brian and Frederic discuss how the overall health of a society relates to diet and nutrition and how modern fake food plays into them

  • [12:15] - How fake meat corporations are trying to make animal agriculture industry disappear

  • [15:30] - Our connection to butchering, modern animal butchering and how they play into our separation to our ancient ways of living

  • [26:50] - Diving into sensationalism in DailyMail articles since 2000 around Meat

  • [32:50]- Why nuance and context always matters when speaking about foods and specifically meat

  • [35:50] - Do we need meat? Is it fundamental to health?

  • [47:20] - How meat, animal foods, and our relationships to animals provided security for hunter-gatherer communities interactions with animals is changing: slaughtering, butchering, consumption

  • [1:108:30] - The hierarchy of our modern society and the agendas to form mobs, embrace authority, and subvert power

  • [1:22:00] - How our view of death has changed and its role in our our view of meat/animal products

  • [1:29:00] - How to have a societal and individual relationships with animals that are healthy for you, the community and the earth


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