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Dr. Martin Gorman on The Scary Truth about Sleep Apnea and how to fix it

Dr. Martin Gorman - Peak Human Podcast


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Brian Features Dr. Martin Gorman, a Bioesthetic trained Dental Practitioner with over 40 years of experience, and very knowledgeable expert in Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, Sleep disorders, and epigenetic orthodontics. Dr. Gorman describes his path into the field of sleep-breathing disorders, highlighting the effect of TMJ disorders on optimal airway patency as well as how this relates to breathing disorders, facial appearance, general well-being, and several predominant medical conditions.

Show Notes (simple version)

  • (00:09) Getting a palate expansion

  • (03:10) Dr. Gorman's journey with Sleep Apnea

  • (06:42) About the jaw expansion work by Steven Lamberg

  • (14:50) The scale of the problem of sleep apnea

  • (20:16) The evolution of sleep tests

  • (26:41) Dr. Gorman’s new product that combines expansion and orthodontic treatment.

  • (30:35) How Dr. Gorman's appliance works and its benefits.

  • (35:30) With the rising rate of heart attacks, there is now a scan that can show the level of cholesterol in blood vessels.

  • (42:08) Most diseases have a root cause in sleep, diet, or lifestyle.

  • (48:44) The side of your face that looks bad is the side of your head that did not develop well.

  • (54:25) Comparing the roles of nutrition and physical activity in developing the proper jaw in kids.

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Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
May 05, 2023

Forgot to mention, I'm a chiropractor since 1986, having worked in orthopedics, physical medicine, physical therapy and neurosurgery. And I really think pillows create kyphotic deformity over time, can close off airways at night.


Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
May 04, 2023

LIstening now. I did two things that have been a good idea. First, I taped my mouth shut, which was almost impossible at first, but is not a nightly habit. Secondly, stop using pillows. They close your airway, and they cause progressive kyphosis (humped upper back), I think. These are two hugely consequential changes.

Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
May 04, 2023
Replying to

now a nightly habit.

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