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Dr. Nick Nwabueze (The Fittest Doc) Practical Strategies to Improve your Health & Body

Dr. Nick Nwabueze (The Fittest Doc) - Peak Human Podcast


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Dr. Nwabueze is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who focuses on helping his patients fix the root cause of their stress and poor health. He completed medical school at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and finished his internship and residency at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital in Illinois.

He currently uses a mix of resistance training, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle management to form long term relationships with his clients, improving their overall health and happiness through Steady MD, using the Direct Primary Care modality.

Find him on Instagram and other social media platforms @thefittestdoc


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  • [1:45] - Dr. Nick’s Background and Beginning

  • [5:52] - Brian and Nick’s thoughts on “Movement is Medicine”

  • [10:50] - How Movement plays into Fat Loss

  • [19:45] - How everything that we put our body through (food, exercise, work) is all stress and how we hormetically get stronger and fitter long-term

  • [23:30] - How and why you should measure Body Composition

  • [32:30] - Brian and Nick’s Workout Routines

  • [43:25] - Nick’s Mindset on Diet and Nutrition

  • [51:25] - How Dr. Nick works though obesity, obese clients, and mainstream views around obesity

  • [1:21:00] - How Dr. Nick practices medicine with SteadyMD and why he loves it

  • Reach Nick here on SteadyMD


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