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Dr Ryan Lowery on the Benefits of Being Fat Adapted, Life Extension, and Positivity

Dr. Ryan Lowery - Peak Human Podcast
Dr. Ryan Lowery - Peak Human Podcast


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Aaaaand we’re back! Thanks for waiting patiently for season 3. We have an all-star lineup of guests and many interviews already in the can ready to be released.

To catch people up I’m Brian Sanders and I’ve quit my job and dedicated my life to studying health and nutrition. I’m trying my best to be unbiased and to simplify the conflicting advice out there and distill down concepts into something anyone can understand. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. I’m a mechanical engineer and I’ve lost both of my parents to chronic disease and have set off on my own path for the last 4 years to study this topic and make sure I don’t fall to the same fate. My role is the curator, the communicator. I’ve interviewed over 100 of the top scientists, doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, and other health professionals and have come to find some simple truths that I’d like to share.

A lot of this will be presented in the feature length documentary called Food Lies, but it’s not all about the film. I’m spreading this information to the public anyway I can. I do this podcast, I post daily ideas and information on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and soon to I’ll be doing more videos on youtube. Search for Food Lies on any of these platforms.

Today I’m talking to Ryan Lowery who is a PhD in Health and Human Performance and a researcher studying cellular, molecular and whole body changes in muscle size, strength, and power in response to novel nutrition, training and supplement interventions. He’s also the president of the Applied Science and Performance Institute where he’s bridging the gap between the latest research and science and practical application. He runs which is a great resource to check out.

He’s the guy that Layne Norton called out in a previous episode. I wanted to get him on to talk about the benefits of being fat adapted and why ketogenic diets are an effective tool in the arsenal. I was actually just hanging out with him at the Metabolic Health Summit. This was an awesome conference put on in part by Dr. Dom D’Agostino who mentioned it last summer in Peak Human episode 6 that I did with him. The top scientists studying ketogenic metabolic therapy were there talking about their latest research and how in conjunction with some other treatments it has been used to shrink brain tumors, prevent epileptic seizures, and even reverse cognitive decline and Alzheimer's. Pretty amazing stuff.

So a quick message about the film - please go to and support us on Indiegogo as we finish post production. We have to cover the cost of our amazing animators, graphic artists, and editors working away on this. I won’t sell it anymore, just know I make no money on this and have in fact spent every cent of my savings making it so far. I really appreciate your support. Here’s Dr. Ryan Lowery.


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Show Notes

  • Phinney and Volek set him off - they hadn’t run experiments on resistance training

  • He was a high carb athlete chugging 250 grams of carbs just from weight gainer shakes and skeptical about keto and sports performance

  • Endurance athletes can have an advantage by being fat adapted and metabolically flexible to tap into tens of thousands of calories they have in their fat stores

  • Online war with Layne Norton

  • Benefits of being fat adapted

  • Some studies that show when protein and calories are equated there is benefits to running on fat

  • In real world applications, so what if keto people eat more protein, we live in the real world

  • Is it possible that all these amazing results I and others are getting from eating this way is just due to eating at a deficit?

  • Energy balance remains

  • Are all calories the same?

  • Nutrient density is king

  • All calories are certainly not equal - Layne’s own studies show this

  • You can eat whey protein and rice and hit your macros and lose weight - doesn’t; mean it’s healthy. There’s studies showing our ancestors ate 10-20 times the vitamins and minerals we eat today

  • Problems with “if it fits your macros”

  • Benefits of running on fat instead of glucose

  • Phospholipids and brain health

  • We lose our tolerance to carbs as we grow older

  • Dr. Michael Rose is the one doing the fruit fly studies - look him up or listen to him on Robb Wolf’s podcast #416

  • You can’t force someone to eat a certain way, but you can help them find what they want to do

  • His brother is obese

  • Cyclic keto AKA blowing it out on the weekends

  • Not back in ketosis until thursday

  • I don’t care about ketosis necessarily and just eat nutrient dense foods

  • Ketones are muscle sparing - help you retain muscle mass

  • If you’re on a long term ketogenic diet your pancreas isn’t secreting much insulin and you aren’t prepared for a bolus of glucose - don’t be super strict then go bananas for a holiday or vacation

  • People on low fat diets can’t handle a huge bolus of fat either

  • Gut problems when transitioning to high fat or carnivore

  • Don’t get caught up in a tribe

  • Their animal studies on a keto diet for its entire lifespan

  • Visceral fat around the organs is the worst kind of fat

  • Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside (TOFI) which Layne disregarded and said wasn’t a thing

  • Layne Norton called out Prof. Tim Noakes as a liar saying that he never had pre-diabetes

  • His message is to make positivity louder

  • Find him at

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

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