Extreme Diet Experiments, the Cause of Metabolic Disease & Insulin Resistance, & Nutrition Science

Updated: Feb 1

Kyle Mamounis, PhD - Peak Human Podcast

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We jump in the weeds pretty quick but it gets better as it goes on. This is an interesting one with a scientist who’s studying mice and looking at how different fats affect disease. Kyle was on a mission to find “the perfect diet.” He was raw vegan and moved to raw meat and organs. He thinks a big problem is the high PUFAs in our diet and unnatural iron from fortified grains. He also has some ideas for people who have been on very low carb or carnivore diets and have problems like being cold, waking up in the night, women losing their period, or thyroid problems. Please listen to this one with an open mind!

Kyle J. Mamounis, has a doctoral degree in nutritional science from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey USA. He is currently a researcher at University of Central Florida in Orlando. His primary research interest is investigating the effects of fatty acids on energy balance regulation. He maintains a science blog with posts on his research interests, reviews of science magazine articles and general cellular physiology at www.nutricrinology.com.

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