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How to Fight Big Food, the Banking System & Corporate Control w/ Tristan Scott

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Tristan Scott - Peak Human Podcast


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Embracing nature, loving the land, and teaching how you can embrace regenerative agriculture and cryptocurrency, Tristan Scott, is the author of the recently released Bitcoin and Beef: Criticisms, Similarities, and Why Decentralization Matters.

Both the regenerative agriculture space and the supporters of Bitcoin have many things in common, such as a disdain for large corporations that only seek to maximize profit, a lack of nuance in local problems and solutions, and deception of the masses.

Tristan brings a factual based argument to many of the myths and solutions that are facing the world today.

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  • [0:20] - Bitcoin & Beef: Why and What?

  • [9:00] - What is Bitcoin and why should you care?

  • [15:30] - What are the downsides to Bitcoin?

  • [21:20] - What is the one thing that could go wrong with Bitcoin?

  • [30:10] - Food systems, global reserves, and food subsidies

  • [38:45] - The Beef Initiative and the US Beef Market

  • [45:45] - Should we be buying grocery store meat?

  • [53:20] - Can we do this large scale? Stats on Regenerative Agriculture

  • [1:05:50] - Climate, Pollutants and Beef Emissions

  • [1:17:00] - The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and African Farming

  • [1:21:40] - 1971 and the getting off the Gold Standard

  • [1:26:00] - How to get involved with your local farmers and get involved in decentralization at an individual level



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