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Gabor Erdosi on The Root Cause of Diabetes, Disease, and Obesity

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Gabor Erdosi - Peak Human Podcast


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Gabor is a food scientist with a master's in molecular biology. He lives in Hungary and is one of these engineers/scientists who I love talking to who look at nutrition differently. He has a very unique perspective because he worked for big food manufacturers.

He spends almost all of his free time researching this stuff to help people understand how bad these processed foods actually are. He has a large community on Facebook where he shares and discusses this information. He also has some great presentations he’s done you can find online.


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  • (12:29) To determine whether a study is biased, refer first to potential conflicts of interest.

  • (14:56) Adipose tissue is a question of function over mass.

  • (23:53) We are adaptive organisms.

  • (31:04) Accelerated Appearance and Absorption (AAA) takes place when your small intestinal tract is filled too quickly with ultra-processed foods (refined carbs and/or added fats).

  • (41:03) Processed proteins are nowhere near as unhealthy as processed carbs.

  • (55:40) Overeating doesn’t necessarily equal gaining weight, and vice versa.

  • (58:36) Adipogenesis is the generation of more fat mainly through the addition of new fat cells.

  • (1:09:19) In general, metabolic health is a good marker of future health outcomes.

  • (1:17:58) A diet rich in refined carbohydrates and added fats leads to the production of endotoxins that are easily absorbed.

  • (1:27:46) Visceral fat is a protective mechanism.

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