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Gary Taubes on Nutrition Science; How Much We Know, How Little We Know

Peter Ballerstedt - Peak Human Podcast - Food Lies Film
Gary Taubes - Peak Human Podcast - Food Lies Film

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Today we’re hearing from Gary Taubes who I got a chance to interview for Food Lies a couple months ago when he was in LA. Gary is an investigative science and health journalist who for the past 20 years has been questioning the bad science that’s been done along with the mainstream nutritional wisdom. He’s written some groundbreaking articles in the New York Times and has written multiple best selling books. He’s won various awards for his journalism and is a real authority on nutrition science so it was a treat to hear his musings on all of this. He generously lent me 2 hours of his time so we covered a lot - there’s a ton of links in the show notes. We get into some interesting details at the end so stick around.

This actually will be the last episode of the season. I already have an almost fully booked next season of episodes and have begun interviewing. There will be a a little break because these episodes are a lot of work even if it doesn’t seem like it. I’ll also be busy for a couple weeks on a film tour across the US next week followed by some other filming and editing.

The big news is we are starting a new crowdfunding campaign as of today, this time on Kickstarter. Too many people missed out on pre-ordering the film and have been reaching out to me. You also can’t make a documentary on the $30k we did on Indiegogo. So please support us by searching for Food Lies on or clicking through from the show notes. Now here’s Gary.


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