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How to Opt Out of the Sickcare System w/ Andy Schoonover

Andy Schoonover - Peak Human Podcast


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Andy Schoonover is the founder and CEO of CrowdHealth, a company that aims to revolutionize the healthcare payment system through crowdfunding. Schoonover's journey into healthcare innovation was sparked by a personal experience when his daughter needed a simple medical procedure, resulting in an $8,000 bill that their insurance refused to cover. This frustration with the traditional health insurance system led him to create a more transparent and supportive alternative.

CrowdHealth operates in all 50 states and offers members a way to manage healthcare costs through a monthly subscription model and crowdfunding for medical expenses. The platform emphasizes transparency, affordability, and personalized support, providing services such as bill negotiation, discounted prescriptions, and access to virtual care.

In this episode Andy Schoonover and I talk about the foundation and mission of CrowdHealth, aiming to revolutionize the traditional insurance industry. Schoonover narrates his motivations stemming from personal dissatisfaction with conventional healthcare systems, leading to the creation of an alternative that promotes healthier lifestyles and aligns financial incentives with wise health choices. The discussion broadens to the concept of rationalizing detrimental behaviors by large entities for financial gain, and how such practices negatively impact society's well-being.


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00:12 Introducing Crowd Health: A New Approach to Healthcare

03:58 Building a Parallel Health System: The Crowd Health Mission

01:50 Andy's Journey: From Healthcare Professional to Revolutionizing the Industry

11:59 Navigating the Healthcare System: Personal Stories and Solutions

32:55 Understanding the Root Cause: Lifestyle Changes for Better Health

38:11 Redefining Diet: From Carnivore to Sapien

42:31 Understanding Metabolic Health

 43:48 The Slow Danger of Processed Foods

01:00:54 The Spiritual Aspects of Health

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