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Kiran Krishnan on the Immune Health, Herd Immunity, Viral Exposure, Microbiome, Gut Health, and More

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Kiran Krishnan - Peak Human Podcast


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Kiran Krishnan is a Research Microbiologist who has been involved in the nutrition industry for the past 17 years. His early work involved hands-on Research and Development in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa. He is a frequent lecturer on the human microbiome at medical and nutrition conferences and health summits and a regular expert guest on national and satellite radio. He is also a founder of Microbiome Labs, a company dedicated to researching the microbiome and providing research-based probiotics for patients.[4:10] What we know about the Microbiome.



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[4:10] What we know about the Microbiome.

[6:10] There’s 40 trillion microbes in and on our body.

[10:00] Microbes in the gut are messengers.

[11:40] 80% of immune health is in the lining of the gut.

[13:40] Our digestive tract is outside of our body.

[17:10] Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are linked to severe COVID cases.

[22:30] Inflammation is the root cause.

[27:20] A non-inflammatory diet builds a resilient immune system.

[31:20] Strategic dietary changes shift our food options.

[35:40] Alternative or natural medicine is growing.

[39:40] Stress is a potent disruptor of the microbiome.

[44:40] Fleeting exposure is the best protection against a virus.

[47:10] Herd Immunity is a long term protection.

[51:40] Filth and germs are critical for the immune system.

[56:40] Antibiotics save lives, but they’re over-prescribed.

[1:01:50] Gluten creates an immune response in everybody.

[1:05:00] Alzheimers is a result of inflammation.

[1:11:10] Probiotics can cure leaky gut.

[1:16:40] Spore-based probiotics are evolutionarily supported.

[1:21:10] Fermented meat and vegetables contain beneficial microbes.

[1:26:10] Dietary variety and nose to tail nutrition is beneficial.

[1:28:50] We can change our gut microbiome.

[1:32:20] Yes, you can eat onions despite their sulfate content.


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