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Kyle Lasota on Unlocking The Natural Limitless Pill Through Sleep Optimization

Updated: May 30, 2023

Kyle Lasota - Peak Human Podcast


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On this episode, Brian interviews, Kyle Lasota a Sleep Expert, Biohacker, and YouTuber. Kyle has spent over $150,000 on his own personal health and has helped 1,000’s of people transform their sleep. Kyle breaks down exactly how you can start improving your sleep and achieve new levels of performance you previously never had access to. Using these practical biological principles and psychological triggers, he says, anyone can master their sleep.

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  • (03:54) About Kyle's background

  • (11:20) How can people start working on their sleep?

  • (17:00) Benefits of movement on the circadian rhythm.

  • (18:30) Meal time or feed-fast window

  • (25:03) Creating Custom Sensory Anchors.

  • (29:00) Building a Sleep Oasis.

  • (34:40) Discipline with sleep doesn't just require discipline

  • (39:26) Getting someone to embody a new identity to make long-term life changes.

  • (43:24) Kyle's wind-down routine

  • (46:50) What causes sleep disturbance at night?

  • (54:00) Smartphones and Sleep

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