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Mikhaila Peterson on the Carnivore Diet, Mental Health, and Vegan Propaganda

Mikhaila Peterson - Peak Human Podcast - Food Lies Film
Mikhaila Peterson - Peak Human Podcast

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Today we have a rare in-studio podcast with Mikhaila Peterson. You may have seen here on the news or in articles (where she is being attacked). Her and her dad Jordan Peterson eat an all meat diet which the mainstream media and doctors seem to have a giant problem with.

This is just her story, and yes she has specific problems, but I think there’s value in hearing this and considering an elimination diet to see how you feel. You can always add back in foods slowly. You never know if you could be on a whole new plane of existence and feel that much more amazing if you eliminate foods that could be giving you problems. Also, I should say that I have no problem with the carnivore diet but believe it should be done from a more nose to tail approach. At least get some liver and bone broth in the mix. Just my 2 cents.

Mikhaila came into the studio to film for a little segment of the Food Lies film. We did a relatively short podcast and then did some film-specific stuff. Please support the Food Lies by pre-ordering on Indiegogo. It’s the only way this film or even this podcast is possible. I’m keeping this ad-free because, as a podcast listener myself, I hate to interrupt good content with ads. So please know that pre-ordering the film and/or getting the Eat Meat t-shirt is a way of supporting us.


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Show Notes

  • Mikhaila is in SAPIEN Headquarters live in studio the day before she goes on the Joe Rogan podcast

  • People don’t think of diet when they think of stuff like depressions, anxiety, arthritis, etc. when it is likely the first place we should be looking

  • Her story of growing up with terrible health problems that went undiagnosed

  • Had a pretty healthy diet until college

  • Got laughed at by doctors when mom mentioned oranges caused a flare up

  • Then got a rash that pushed it over the edge. Looked into celiac disease

  • She started an elimination diet without knowing anything about food

  • She accidentally started eating an autoimmune disease protocol diet

  • Everything changed when she got pregnant

  • Cut down from meat and salad to just meat

  • Why didn’t doctors question what she was eating through all her visits over her life?

  • She had her hip replaced and an ankle replaced as a child

  • She has specific problems, so it’s in one way her specific circumstance, but in another, it’s representative of many people

  • Slowly getting worse over the years without realizing it. The new norm is 20 pounds overweight

  • Brain health: Depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, etc.

  • Some people can cheat, but others have to be really strict with their diet

  • Her dad is Jordan Peterson and has his own struggle with physical and mental problems

  • People attack her and her dad and say it’s a placebo effect or they are lying, etc.

  • Vegan propaganda

  • Vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals, and blood work

  • Adjusting to the all meat diet

  • I had no cravings for sweets after only 2 days on carnivore

  • Should all people try out an elimination diet?

  • Even just cutting sugar and grains can make a world of difference. Also could lose soy and dairy she says

  • All animal based diets and all plant based diets are equally extreme

  • Eating this way is a lot easier and not hard to stick to

  • Stefansson

  • Morning sickness could just be eating foods that don’t agree with you and your growing baby

  • Pregnant women who crave meat or sardines - your body is telling you something

  • We have the wrong message in America demonizing meat which we know is especially needed during pregnancy

  • Meanwhile Germany has the correct message and has meat vending machines

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