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Nora Gedgaudas on Animal-Based Diets & Eating Off the Ground For Health

Nora Gedgaudas - Peak Human Podcast


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Nora Gedgaudas is a renowned nutritionist and author, recognized for her expertise in the Paleo diet and ancestral health. She advocates for a nutrient-dense diet, emphasizing the importance of whole foods, healthy fats, and proteins for optimal health and well-being. Nora's work blends modern nutritional science with evolutionary biology, offering a unique perspective on diet and wellness. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant, inspiring individuals to adopt lifestyle changes for long-term health benefits. Discover more about her philosophy and access a wealth of resources at her


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  • (11:38) How our ancestors lived (and ate) gives us clues as to how we should do the same.

  • (18:30) There is a war on animal-sourced foods.

  • (26:30) Certain tribes who aren’t afraid of a little dirt on their utensils replenish their gut microbiome more efficiently than those only taking probiotic supplements.

  • (32:34) In her talk “Navigating the Matrix” (, Nora makes a case for reintroducing ancestral practices into our nutrition and lifestyle.

  • (45:14) If you have a homestead, think in terms of how everything you plant adds to your ecosystem that allows it to become a more self-sustaining environment.

  • (55:51) If you moderate protein and use fat as your primary source of fuel, curbing hunger and cravings happens naturally.

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