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Peter from Hyperlipid on Are medical professionals giving the absolutely wrong advice?

Peter from Hyperlipid - Peak Human Podcast


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Peter Dobromylskyj is a veterinarian who was trained at the Royal Veterinary College within London University. He is very well-respected in the nutrition world for his blog, Hyperlipid, where he dives deep into the science behind what we should be eating.

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  • [1:20] His background as a veterinarian.

  • [2:30] The massive difference between science and medicine.

  • [5:40] John Yudkin’s work.

  • [10:30] Saturated fat vs. Polyunsaturated fat.

  • [18:00] Are medical professionals giving the absolutely wrong advice?

  • [28:00] Problems with the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity.

  • [31:30] Can you eat plenty of fruit and honey if you’re not consuming linoleic acid?

  • [36:00] Peter’s blog Hyperlipid and his overarching ideas.

  • [41:30] You can’t just be hungry forever.

  • [49:00] Why Peter loves rodent studies.

  • [55:00] How much linoleic acid should we be consuming?

  • [1:00:00] Can insulin sensitivity make you fat?

  • [1:05:00] Insulin resistance is your body’s way of protecting you.

  • [1:11:00] Nobody has all the answers.

  • [1:16:30] Free fatty acids & ketogenic diets.

  • [1:26:40] Macros become less important when linoleic acid is eliminated.

  • [1:29:00] The carnivore trap.

  • [1:35:30] Feeding the world with animal products.

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