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Prof. Tim Noakes on Dietary Misconceptions and Finding the Truth


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Today we have Professor Tim Noakes and I gotta say I was so excited to interview such a highly respected and world renowned scientist and researcher.

He has published more than 750 scientific books and articles. He has been cited more than 16,000 times in scientific literature and has been rated an A1 scientist for a second 5-year term.  He founded the Noakes Foundation which does critical research on these new dietary approaches and helps underserved communities eat better. He’s changing million of people’s lives in South Africa and the world as one of the biggest voices in the low-carb high fat movement.

Please listen to his story because it’s very important. He was in great shape his whole life as an ultra endurance athlete and marathoner yet still developed type 2 diabetes. You can be thin and fit and still be damaging your body with a high carb diet that athletes believe is necessary. So please take a listen to his words of wisdom.


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Show notes

  • How Professor Noakes got started with his career

  • Los Angeles played a role!

  • Accepting the high carb dogma

  • Waterlogged - you don’t actually need a bunch of water

  • Placebo controlled study on carbs show they have no effect on performance

  • He’s reversed his type 2 diabetes as of 2 months ago

  • Challenging your beliefs

  • Ripping out pages of the Lore of Running

  • His father’s diabetes

  • Michael Phelps eating 12,000 calories per day

  • Being a thin athlete and still causing damage to your body with all the carbs

  • What is insulin resistance?

  • Doctors not knowing if their insulin resistant or doing insulin tests

  • I didn’t see much low-fat messaging when filming at a grocery store

  • Why should I use full-fat cream in coffee instead of skim milk?

  • Won’t I die of heart disease if I eat a bunch of saturated fat from red meat?

  • Is cholesterol bad for you?

  • I thought we should all be eating a bunch of heart-healthy grains?

  • Ok but whole grains have to be good for me right?

  • Where’s the evidence that we need a bunch of fiber? Kelloggs pushed his cereal and started this message

  • Before around 1959 it was common knowledge that carbohydrates made you fat

  • Meat was prized for all of history

  • Ancel Keys and the saturated fat myth

  • Sugar industry paying of scientists NY times article

  • Unilever

  • The tweet heard around the world - the trial of Professor Tim Noakes

  • Real Meal Revolution

  • Colluding dieticians

  • Promoting real food

  • Back to normal life

  • The Noakes Foundation

  • Nutrition Network launched May 1

  • Updating Lore of Running

  • Brain regulates athletic performance

  • Carb burning athletes are so reliant on sugar every hour or two

  • Fat adapted runners

  • Real Meal Revolution free resources

  • What would happen if the whole world went LCHF?

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