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Saving the World with Meat - Can We Feed the World or Should We Feed Our Community?

Nose To Tail Ranchers - Peak Human Podcast


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In this episode, we talk about how we're going to feed the world. That's the question that's on everyone's mind. And while most people are talking about eating less meat and reducing animal agriculture, we discuss how meat and regenerative animal agriculture are part of the solution.

Our guests today are Austin & Jessica Ham and Melissa & Clay Trotter. They are championing holistic management practices out in West Texas as part of our new operation at Nose To Tail. Most people are disconnected from their food – they don't know or care about where or how their food is produced. So, we wanted to shed light on ranchers who are restoring ecosystems with grazing animals and producing some of the healthiest, tastiest meat in the country!

Through Nose To Tail their ranches will be providing regenerative beef, chicken, and pork to people across the nation!

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  • [4:50] How they started with Savory’s holistic management in the 1980s

  • [7:30] Holistic management is an ever-evolving plan

  • [9:00] The land in West Texas needs saving

  • [11:45] How they move cattle almost every morning

  • [13:00] How their grazing plan works

  • [15:35] Why we should emulate herds of bison

  • [17:40] They are thriving on locally sourced food and red meat

  • [20:30] Why they mill their own grains

  • [24:00] Connecting with our food is so important

  • [27:00] Benefits of cattle having a diverse diet

  • [32:25] Why their meat is better than most grass-fed, grass-finished meat

  • [36:30] Can we scale holistic management practices?

  • [38:45] Feed your community, not the world

  • [41:15] A message for Moms and Dads

  • [43:30] Meet the Nose To Tail Pork and Chicken Producers

  • [46:00] Healthy soil makes healthy animals – healthy animals make healthy people

  • [48:30] How they move chickens and pigs

  • [51:00] Why they partner with a local raw dairy

  • [55:00] Why we’re aiming for low PUFA meat.

  • [57:40] How they protect their chickens from coyotes

  • [1:02:30] Why the land in West Texas matters

  • [1:06:25] How monocropping strips the land of its life

  • [1:07:50] Their first experience with pastured chicken

  • [1:12:00] How they feed their family

  • [1:16:00] How the community is part of the butchering process

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