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The Future of Medicine, Aligning Incentives, and Fixing the Broken Healthcare (Sickcare) System

Dr. Brian Lenzkes - Peak Human Podcast


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Hello everyone, we’re here with another fresh episode of Peak Human, hot off the press. I’ve been recording these each week and posting them within a few days to make sure they’re current and relevant. For those of you who are new to the show, I’m Brian Sanders and I’m creating the Food Lies film which we are trying to finish by the end of the year. We got slowed down a bit due to the current state of the world, but are actively working on it daily.

I also work with an internal medicine physician, Dr. Gary Shlifer here in Los Angeles where we treat patients with diet & lifestyle instead of rushing to medications. In fact, our goal is to remove as many medications as possible which we successfully do across the board. We have just launched the Sapien Program where people can radically change their life with our physician supervised diet & lifestyle program that includes, videos, written materials, visual resources, and health coaching. You can learn more about it and get the free Sapien Food Guide at Anyone in the world can take part in this program if they are serious about losing weight and dedicating themselves to a change. We’re all about making it fun, delicious, sustainable, and enjoyable. This isn’t about counting calories, being hungry, or needing tons of will-power.

We also have the Sapien Tribe for people who have already made diet & lifestyle changes and are looking to further their knowledge and keep themselves motivated, accountable, and up to date on new info. It’s an amazing group of people that help each other grow. We also have a ton of perks like our private members area, private Zoom community meetings, extended show notes of the podcast, and unlisted video resources on meal prep and exercise routines. You can also find out about this and join at

Get in on the ground floor of this community and be a founding member for life with a deep discount on a lifetime membership. We are running out of these limited spots. We’re building something special together.

Brian Lenzkes is an internal medicine doctor in San Diego. Dr. Lenzkes received a BS in Biology from UC Irvine, and an MD from USC Medical School. He practices root cause medicine and has moved away from the standard insurance-based medical system to a Direct Primary Care model to better serve his patients. He also speaks around the country on the benefits of diet & lifestyle-based medicine.

We speak today on the future of medicine. Not only does this of course rely on root cause medicine and diet & lifestyle intervention, but aligned incentives, new technology, and a collaborative model. This includes wearable technology such as CGM or continuous glucose monitors, smart blood pressure cuffs, smart scales, and more. Things will really make sense concerning our current nightmare of a healthcare system after listening to this episode.

Once again please go to the new version of to get the free Sapien Food Guide, learn about grass finished meat delivery service from our ranch in Texas, and to join the Sapien Tribe. Thanks so much for supporting this podcast with a review and sharing it with friends and family! Now here’s my friend, Dr. Brian Lenzkes.


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  • [8:25] Dr. Brian’s own health journey.

  • [13:45] Bigger tests/biomarkers to look at.

  • [20:55] Cardiac disease and insulin levels.

  • [22:15] The difference between the direct primary care model and normal medicine.

  • [28:35] The issues with westernized medicine.

  • [31:15] The power of community and positive peer pressure.

  • [34:35] Incentivizing better health and results for doctors towards their patients.

  • [50:35] Benefits of being metabolically healthy and flexible.

  • [58:15] Finding the correct amount of “moderation” in relation to your own health and goals.

  • [1:02:45] Different technology and wearables to improve your health.

  • [1:10:25] The best and most valuable things Dr. Brian has learned throughout his journey and experiences in the field.

  • [1:15:25] What Dr. Brian offers at his practice and his services.


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