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Amy Berger on the Antidote to Alzheimer's


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We’ve got Amy Berger here to tell us about your noggin and how to keep it working well. She’s got a masters in human nutrition, she’s a certified nutrition specialist and a nutritional therapy practitioner, and an expert on Alzheimer’s disease.

What’s great about her is she’s taken the info from the cutting edge research being done in brain chemistry, metabolic disease, dementia, alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, and a ton more and done all the dirty work to figure it out and package it up so anyone can understand it. It may get detailed at times, but just listen on. I let her do the talking so sit back and be ready to soak up some info.

I’m not going to mention the Food Lies film crowdfunding on Indiegogo this time so let’s just hear from Amy.


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Show Notes

  • Her book “The Alzheimer’s Antidote”

  • We have a lot of control over our cognitive density

  • How Alzheimer’s works

  • We know what’s going on in the brain, we just don’t know why

  • It’s about glucose

  • Modern lifestyle and its effects on the brain including the most important - what we eat

  • Insulin and low carb diets

  • Alzheimer’s is being called Type 3 diabetes

  • Current status of the (lack of) progress on research

  • What’s the root cause?

  • Amyloid plaque

  • Decline starts early - even in 30s and 40 but it’s not detected

  • Processed and sugary foods are almost certainly causing gene expression

  • Treating and/or preventing with a ketogenic or low carb diet

  • Food is the answer. She doesn't support a vegan diet

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Sleep affects insulin sensitivity and is hugely important for your brain and preventing cognitive disease

  • Exercise and BDNF

  • Doctors aren't checking for insulin resistance or catching stuff early

  • Triglycerides, HDL, blood pressure and salt

  • My family and Alzheimer’s and insane doctors

  • How to have the best chances of not developing Alzheimer’s disease

  • Normal people don’t need to go crazy tracking and measuring food and ketones

  • Her book “The Alzheimer’s Antidote”

  • Bonus article: Is the Leading Theory ABout Alzheimer’s Wrong?

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