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Brad Marshall on Why We Store Fat & What To Do About It

Brad Marshall - Peak Human Podcast


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Welcome back, friends! I’m Brian Sanders and this is the Peak Human podcast where I talk to the world’s leading health experts, doctors, researchers, and regenerative agriculture experts about how to live your best life. Please start back at episode one or at least try to work your way backwards - each episode is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Please also give this podcast a review on the Apple podcast app so we can reach more people.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Brad Marshall who’s a great guy who raises low PUFA hogs and has a lot to say about PUFAs vs. saturated fat. Brad adds to the great lineup of guests talking about the dangers of these unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids. He’ll get deep into the science on why they are bad for humans and why they are what’s to blame for many (or most!) health problems and chronic disease. You won’t want to miss this one!

Brad’s work is based on his understanding of molecular biology, his love of food history and cooking and his experience in agriculture. To that end he has a genetics degree from Cornell University and a Culinary Certificate from The French Culinary Institute. After college he did cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and did bioinformatics for The Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project before leaving professional science. For the previous 15 years he has raised rotationally grazed hogs and run a retail butcher shop and USDA inspected meat processing plant.

Brad has written extensively about meat processing and meat science including Disastrous Trends In American Bacon. He is also a student of culinary history and historical diets.

He goes deep down a rabbit hole in the middle of the episode on the electron transport chain and goes into some pretty esoteric stuff. I hope we don’t lose anyone for these 12-14 minutes. Some people may really appreciate learning how the body produces energy down to this level, but if that’s not you, then feel free to skip ahead. There’s a lot of valuable info we cover after this part so make sure you finish off the episode.

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Now please enjoy this episode with my pal Brad Marshall.

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  • [5:50] His education and background.

  • [6:50] His mission to make high quality pork products low in polyunsaturated fat.

  • [12:50] What he thinks is the reason for the recent obesity and chronic disease issue.

  • [22:30] Mammals, hibernation/torpor and polyunsaturated fats.

  • [34:40] Leptin, SCD1 and CPT1.

  • [39:00] Reaction oxygen species, the electron transport chain and hydrogen peroxide.

  • [49:20] How Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are good for your metabolism.

  • [55:30] His own experimentation trying to get rid of his mono/polyunsaturated fatty acids.

  • [1:01:00] His weight loss story using the Croissant Diet.

  • [1:12:30] Satiety and leptin.

  • [1:14:50] Insulin, saturated fat and lipolysis.

  • [1:21:20] Fasting, weight loss and metabolic changes.

  • [1:28:40] How metabolic rate and body temperature has plunged since 1919.

  • [1:33:10] A recap from Brian and Brad.

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