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Calley Means on How the Sickcare System Cons the World for Trillions

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Calley Means - Peak Human Podcast


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Calley Means is the cofounder of True Medicine, which enables patients to use HSAs/FSAs to buy healthy food, exercise and supplements. He is writing a book, co-authored with his sister Dr. Casey Means, about how preventable cellular dysfunction (caused primarily by food) is at the root of nearly every chronic condition that plagues American life – and how to fix it.

Calley has invested in healthcare companies aiming to transform the current sick-care system, including Levels (providing patients with more metabolic health data), Atai (a leading mental health/psychedelic company), Delix (a leading psychedelic company), and Rejuveron (a leading longevity company), as well as consumer startups such as RapidSOS, UpSmith,, and Vibe. Previously, Calley co-founded a company called Anomalie with his wife, which was acquired by David's Bridal. Anomalie's solution is the only customizable, made-to-order bridal brand that helps brides of all sizes, styles, and budgets visualize and create their perfect dream dress.


  • (12:02) Is the growth of the healthcare industry correlated with better outcomes?

  • (18:54) Humans and domesticated animals are the only creatures struggling with systematic obesity, depression, and metabolic dysfunction.

  • (24:45) The average American today goes through 17 different medical specialists throughout their life.

  • (30:59) Most forms of cancer aren’t “unlucky”. They’re very preventable.

  • (44:01) Food, alongside other metabolic habits, are causing not just a health epidemic in the U.S., but economic and political turmoil as well.

  • (54:17) The American Diabetes Association said that as long as you take your drugs (if you’re Type 2 diabetic) you can eat whatever you want.

  • (56:43) Ultra-processed food is made up of highly-processed grains, sugar, and seed oils.

  • (1:02:16) The USDA recommends up to 10% of our diet to be added sugar, nudging us into funding our destruction.

  • (1:13:16) Is there any way, right now, without waiting for policy change, to use our current health benefits to buy root cause habits?

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