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Cynthia Monteleone on How to Be Fast and Fit Over 40 on Steak

Cynthia Monteleone - Peak Human Podcast


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CM (Cynthia) Monteleone is a World Champion in the 400m, a mom of 3, and author and a Metabolic Analytics Practitioner. It was no coincidence that when Cynthia decided to become the best in the world, she chose Charles Poliquin to study under. Her mentor shared his knowledge and encouraged her to keep up the fire for learning and achieving. Cynthia gets tremendous results because of her passion: which is to help others thrive. MAM Maui Metabolics grew out of this mission to encourage others to become their own superhero warrior self. When winning the gold, she ran faster at age 43 then she did as a Division I collegiate track athlete! She attributes this to learning how to alter epigenetics to favor delayed aging, healthy biomarkers and exceptional athletic performance. After listening to and consulting on hundreds of client cases, (everyone from Olympians to the neighbor next door) she is adept at reading patterns and using her knowledge and experience to solve health and performance puzzles with easy protocols. She lives in Maui with her husband and 3 children.

Before we jump in I’ll give you my disclosures. I take no outside funding or sponsorships for this podcast or any of my work. The only thing supporting it is my company that I started well after I understood the health benefits of including quality animal foods in our diet. In other words I have no outside interests influencing the information I present and I am not creating this content to sell my products. My foundational belief is that animal foods are healthy so I connected with the best producers around the country to help people purchase them. We raise them humanely and sustainably. We don’t use additives or curing agents. Everything is all natural. We use the animals nose to tail.

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That’s how these interviews are all possible along with all the other content we produce on youtube and social media. Thanks for supporting the ranchers, my other producers, and my team. The other way you can take advantage of this win-win-win situation is at where we have the Sapien Tribe. It’s a private members community where you get the extended show notes for these podcasts, discounts on NoseToTail products, zoom calls with Dr. Gary and myself, and a lot more. There’s also the Sapien Program if you’d like some help making a lifestyle change. Go to to find out more. Now onto the show!

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