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Dr. Al Danenberg on Beating Terminal Cancer, Ancestral Diet, and Your Dental Health Starting w/ Diet

Dr. Al Danenberg - Peak Human Podcast


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Dr. Al Danenberg or “Dr. Al” as he’s known by his friends, patients and community, consults with patients all over the world (virtually via Zoom or Skype) regarding animal-based nutrition, lifestyle, oral & overall health, and the importance of a healthy gut and immune system.

After a terminal cancer diagnosis, Dr. Al developed a plan that evolved into his Unconventional Cancer Protocols, combing in-depth research of ancestral nutrition & lifestyle changes with his knowledge from 44 years of as a periodontist. Now, he focuses on helping others like you regain control of their health.

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  • [6:45] His background

  • [12:50] An MRI revealed that he had terminal cancer

  • [17:50] Why he went into a hospice ready to die.

  • [20:10] How he landed on the carnivore diet

  • [24:00] The paleolithic ketogenic diet

  • [27:35] Male Dentists & Multiple Myeloma

  • [30:50] The FDA’s stance on mercury dental fillings

  • [33:50] Toxins and our metabolism

  • [37:50] Metabolic flexibility & the immune system

  • [38:50] Our diet includes the water we drink

  • [41:35] What kind of water does Dr. Al drink?

  • [45:20] Is SOLE water better than filtered water?

  • [50:40] All disease starts in the gut.

  • [54:20] What causes gum disease and tooth decay?

  • [58:50] Why spore-based probiotics are ancestral.

  • [1:00:50] Dental health starts in the gut

  • [1:03:50] How dental plaque protects our teeth

  • [1:08:50] Gut problems manifest in the mouth

  • [1:10:40] Ancestral diets for dental health

  • [1:13:35] Stress can lead to dental problems

  • [1:15:50] How to clean your mouth properly

  • [1:19:25] Manuka honey works as toothpaste

  • [1:21:50] How to get rid of bacteria on the tongue

  • [1:25:00] How to solve bad breath.

  • [1:26:00] Why we should be in ketosis sometimes

  • [1:31:40] Why metabolic flexibility is important right now

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