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Dr. Fred Provenza on the Hidden Nutrition in Meat and the Ancient Wisdom That Animals and Humans...

Fred Provenza, PhD - Peak Human Podcast


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Today's episode features Fred Provenza, PhD who is a long awaited guest on this show. If you've listened to previous episodes, you may recognize his name. We've discussed his research many times on this podcast because it closely ties together animal agriculture with human health and nutrition. This was a long but amazing conversation about the innate wisdom of animals when it comes to diet and what we can learn from that as humans.

Fred Provenza is professor emeritus of Behavioral Ecology in the Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University. At Utah State Provenza directed an award-winning research group that pioneered an understanding of how learning influences foraging behavior and how behavior links soils and plants with herbivores and humans. Provenza is one of the founders of BEHAVE, an international network of scientists and land managers committed to integrating behavioral principles with local knowledge to enhance environmental, economic, and cultural values of rural and urban communities. He is also the author of Nourishment, Foraging Behavior, and the co-author of The Art & Science of Shepherding.

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  • [05:15] His background

  • [8:20] Gabe Brown & local adaptation

  • [12:30] Are humans and animals losing their instincts?

  • [15:30] Nature is the pharmacy for animals

  • [21:30] Why transgenerational links matter

  • [24:50] How animals self-medicate

  • [29:30] Modern food has hijacked our biology

  • [35:20] Science should welcome disagreement

  • [40:40] Plants are conscious, sentient, and sacred.

  • [43:30] Instinctive eating in animals

  • [46:30] Animals correct nutrient deficiencies on their own

  • [50:00] How other specifies detoxify plant foods

  • [53:30] How tribes deal with parasites and plant toxins

  • [57:00] Protein leverage demonstrated in livestock

  • [1:03:40] Why protein calories are different

  • [1:08:30] Overeating foods to correct mineral deficiencies

  • [1:12:30] A diverse diet leads to healthier animals and meat

  • [1:17:00] How to get a full range of nutrition

  • [1:20:55] Meat quality depends on the diet of the animal

  • [1:24:30] Do people on plant-based diets crave meat?

  • [1:30:00] The link between our health and the landscape

  • [1:33:30] The adopted infant study

  • [1:37:30] Ask your ranchers about the diet of their animals

  • [1:40:30] The arrogance of the anti-meat agenda

  • [1:42:15] Producing our own food & a decentralized food system

  • [1:44:30] Is homesteading the future of food production?

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