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Dr. John Jaquish - Is Lifting Weights a Waste of Time?

Dr. John Jaquish - Peak Human Podcast


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Brian sits down with Dr. John Jaquish, the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the book Weight Lifting Is A Waste Of Time, So Is Cardio, And There’s A Better Way To Have The Body You Want! He developed OsteoStrong, a groundbreaking bone density building medical technology, and is now in partnership with Tony Robbins. He is also the inventor of the X3 Bar, which has been proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting. Dr. Jaquish’s methods have been used to train the world’s most elite athletes, such as the entire Miami Heat organization, various NFL and NBA players, as well as Olympians.

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  • (12:05) According to Dr. Jaquish, 99% of people who go to the gym make no progress in their physique goals.

  • (21:06) With variable resistance, you deal with more weight in positions where you are stronger, and dealing with less weight in positions where you are biomechanically inefficient.

  • (28:06) For optimal muscle growth, you need a lot of protein in your system. Consuming up to 200 grams every day often makes it hard to eat anything else (i.e. carbs).

  • (33:45) Metabolic rebound is the reason some muscle growth is associated with fasting, as demonstrated in a study conducted by Henry Alkire (

  • (44:16) Supposedly, eating one meal per day puts you at higher risk of all-cause mortality. Dr. Jaquish finds a major flaw in the study ( which claims this.

  • (47:06) A healthy heart is highly-dependent on testosterone.

  • (56:40) Cardio is a waste of time.

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