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How a Norwegian Farmer Changed the Mind of the World’s Most Powerful Anti-Meat Activist

Raymund: A Hero From Norway - Peak Human Podcast


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Today's episode features a farmer from Norway named Raymund. Raymund is truly a hero because he hosted Dr. Gunhild Stordalen at his farm where he educated her on the benefits that animal agriculture can have on our ecosystem. Dr. Gunhild Stordalen is a very well known environmental activist and the founder of EAT which recommends a mere 14 grams of red meat per day as part of a "Planetary Health Diet."

As you’ll learn in this episode, Raymund convinced her that meat and animal agriculture are a sustainable and essential part of our food system. Throughout this episode, we discuss many of the problems with our modern food system. In fact, Raymund runs a decentralized food system in Norway called REKO which connects farmers directly to customers. We are hoping to bring something similar to Texas and eventually all over the United States!

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  • [6:15] How Raymund knows Gunhild Stordalen of EAT Lancet

  • [10:30] Meat is required for a healthy diet and planet

  • [15:00] What Raymund told Gunhild Stordalen

  • [20:35] Problems with the Planetary Diet

  • [26:40] How consumerism is wasteful

  • [30:20] Why big corporations hate a decentralized food system

  • [37:00] Our changing food & spending habits

  • [40:00] The industrial farming of salmon

  • [43:50] Why raising pigs is so difficult

  • [47:00] How Raymond built a sustainable farm

  • [53:30] Why you should spend more on food and less elsewhere

  • [56:30] Everyone needs their own farmer, not their own doctor

  • [1:01:20] How cities destroyed our food system

  • [1:06:30] Our modern food system is a failed experiment

  • [1:12:45] Vote with your dollar by eating local

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2 opmerkingen

Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
08 dec. 2021

Trying to change the world, when humans are fallible, is one of the common-themed problems in this world. Talk, don't coerce.


Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
08 dec. 2021

The Lancet report is the fertilizer.

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