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Jayne Buxton on The Great Plant Based Con

Jayne Buxton - Peak Human Podcast


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On this episode, Brian speaks with the renowned author and journalist Jayne Buxton. Jayne had published several books, non-fiction and fiction, on various subjects, but had a strong passion for regenerative agriculture, nutritional research and advocacy for animal products.

She is the author of the recently released book, The Great Plant-Based Con, which is discussed today.

Jayne is also an ambassador for The Real Food Campaign and The Public Health Collaboration, while also having written for publications such as The Guardian and The Independent.

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  • [3:00] Jayne and Buxton speak on their books/film and what inspired them to start that path

  • [5:15] - Brian and Jayne share their experience with the USDA scientist David Klurfeld who blew the whistle on the WHO study which demonized Meat

  • [9:25] - The high-level view of plant-based arguments

  • [14:10] - Diving into the nutritional differences in omnivore and vegetarian diets and their relation to health

  • [29:30] - the ramifications of Ancel Keys and the demonization of saturated fat, cholesterol and their association to heart disease

  • [49:40] - The propaganda and narrative behind the environmental arguments in the plant-based agenda

  • [1:12:00] - Where the globalization behind the plant-based agenda is leading to

  • [1:17:00] - Getting the book and moving forward


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