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Jessica Thompson, PhD on How Eating Animal Fat & Marrow Made Us Human

Jessica Thompson, PhD - Peak Human Podcast


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Specializing in human evolution and the aspects revealed through the analysis of ancient animal bones, Jessica Thompson is a leading voice in paleo-anthropology, evolutionary theory and hunter-gatherer ethnography.

She is a professor at Yale University and also leads the Malawi ancient Lifeways and Peoples Project in Malawi, in central Africa, to develop and interpret the evolutionary history in the area during the last Ice Age.

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  • [0:30] - Dr. Jessica speaks about getting back on campus at Yale University and her specialties research in the field of anthropology

  • [5:40] - Jessica’s take on where and when we started as a human species

  • [10:10] - What is the difference in diet, structure, etc. between humans and primates split around 7+ million years ago?

  • [16:40] - Diving deep into tool marks on bones and what we can learn from them

  • [24:40] - Jessica shares her opinion on the nuance of why our evolutionary adaptations that make us human occurred

  • [36:10] - Did protein or fat change human evolution?

  • [55:22] - The importance that megafauna played in our evolution and how they played into cooperation and competition in populations

  • [57:05] - Jessica shares her thoughts on adaptations to the type of energy we consume such as milk, fat, etc. as it relates to the genes/skills that get passed down

  • [1:01:00] - The massive shift in our modern diet in the short time frame, causing massive implications in long-term health

  • [1:09:19] - Jessica weighs in on the role of animal products on evolution and our current health

  • [1:17:30] - Jessica’s thoughts on longevity and biological anthropology


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