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Kate Deering on How to Fix Your Metabolism

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Kate Deering - Peak Human Podcast


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Kate Deering brings 25 years of experience in the holistic health and wellness space, along with a robust and tested approach to healing someone - nutritionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

With a dense background in sports performance, biochemistry, and physiology, Kate has recently shifted her thoughts on what “true-health” meant, focusing on a more root-cause, holistic approach towards optimal health, while also writing the book “How to Heal Your Metabolism”

She often is associated with the likes of Ray Peat and Jay Feldman, embracing fruit, sugar and carbs as a natural and fundamental source of energy, focusing on the underlying issues that leads to intolerances in handling carbohydrates.

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  • [0:10] - Recap of the discussion between Kate and Jaime Seeman

  • [4:40] - What is the Ray Peat Diet and Bioenergetic philosophy

  • [9:10] - Stress and energy production

  • [15:50] - Why burning fat may be stressful to the body

  • [22:05] -Long-term stress levels and Type 2 Diabetes

  • [33:15] - OMAD and Protein levels and general macro advice

  • [45:15] - Digestion and nutrient bioavailability

  • [51:55] - Cholesterol - does it matter?

  • [54:30] - Stress, The GI system and exercise

  • [59:20] - Blood sugar, hormones and fruit

  • [1:09:37] - What are the most nutrient dense foods?

  • [1:14:28] - The context of different carb types in the bioenergetic philosophy

  • [1:19:40] - Food logging vs “Intuitive Eating”, and overeating

  • [1:31:40] - Does this approach make sense ancestrally?


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