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Luis Villasenor on Implementing a Keto Diet & Building Muscle

Luis Villasenor - Peak Human Podcast - Food Lies Film
Luis Villasenor - Peak Human Podcast

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Luis is a smart and level-headed guy that doesn't get caught up in a lot of dietary dogma. He has been helping people lose weight and get in better shape for many, many years. He’s the co-founder of an awesome community called Ketogains. You need to google some photos of him to make sure you appreciate the advice he gives. He definitely is proving you can gain muscle on a keto diet even though most people believe you need a ton of carbs to do so. Take a listen and I think you’ll enjoy his simple message, which is definitely not just for people trying to get swole.

I’ve gained muscle on somewhat of a ketogenic diet over past 6 months and just released a video on youtube showing all the details because a lot of people have been asking about it. We also are back on Indiegogo with new “It’s what else you eat, not the meat” shirts and now unisex tank tops. We still need your support to make the Food Lies film happen. My production partner and I are matching every dollar that comes in, but we still have a ways to go to reach the full budget. Thanks so much and enjoy the episode.


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Show Notes

  • Luis is the co-founder of but it’s not all about bodybuilding. It’s more about nutrition and staying fit and many clients are middle aged women.

  • It’s not only low carb all the time, but it’s usually better

  • His story of being chubby as a kid, then skinny as a teen

  • Used a low carb approach to gain muscle after college

  • Fat is a lever

  • His rhyme: Protein is a goal to make you grow, carbs are a limit to stay below, and fat is a fuel so you are not slow

  • Don't chase ketones, chase results

  • You don’t really need to be measuring ketone levels unless you are using keto in a therapeutic context to treat a disease

  • What is the role of protein and how much do you actually need?

  • Gluconeogenesis

  • Just eat nutrient dense foods and don’t worry about counting calories or ketones

  • Your body doesn't know what you are deficient in

  • Can be malnourished and obese at the same time

  • Answer is nutrient dense foods

  • Can’t replace one bad habit with another

  • At some point you have to reduce calories one way or another

  • Our ancestors managed calories naturally

  • Prehistoric fruits were much different in edible mass and lower sugar

  • People thinking baked apple pie with agave is part of a healthy paleo diet

  • Need to change your relationship with food

  • Got no time for keto breads and cheats

  • Food has become and entertainment industry. Scientifically developed to make you eat.

  • Cheesecake exists - it's your job to eat it responsibly

  • Cost is not an excuse - eating healthy can actually be cheaper

  • Can easily eat for $5-7 per day

  • Sardines are cheap, delicious, and super nutrient dense

  • Luis’s best sources of protein and vegetables

  • More efficient metabolism when very fat adapted and eating low carb for a long time

  • Evolutionary perspective on getting the most energy from things we do

  • You can pig out at a bbq and just make it a warrior meal and not have to eat again for 22 hours and you’ll be fine

  • Intermittent fasting and condensed eating windows, or as he calls it “intelligent intermittent fasting”

  • Training fasted is not good for building muscle

  • Appropriate feasting after fasting

  • Gaining muscle on a ketogenic diet

  • Insulin is a nutrient transport signaling hormone

  • Can you lose weight and/or remain thin while building muscle at the same time?

  • What about people new to lifting weights?

  • Compound lifts - multi-joint exercises.

  • Bayesian Bodybuilding

  • Can actually train every muscle group 5 times per week for more gains

  • Training each muscle group separately is known as the “bro split”

  • He has 3 routines that he cycles through, each focusing on a lift, but includes full body

  • Cardio myths

  • It’s way more about diet than exercise

  • Going to failure?

  • “That which cannot be measured, cannot be managed” using apps or notebooks to track weights and routines

  • You need to push yourself each week and constantly be adding weight

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