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Mark Sisson on Metabolic Flexibility, Ancestral Health, and How to Live Long & Not Drop Dead

Mark Sisson - Peak Human Podcast

Today I’m talking to the legendary Mark Sisson. For many people, including myself, he’s the person who got them interested in ancestral health and sent them down a path of feeling great, losing weight, curing problems they didn’t even know they had or could be treated, and more. He’s been an inspiration to millions and has spent most of his life on a pursuit of health knowledge.

He’s been writing his blog Mark’s Daily Apple for 13 years as well as publishing best-selling books such as The Primal Blueprint and the Keto Reset Diet. He also travels the world giving talks and is the founder of Primal Kitchen. He’s 65 and living better than most 20 year olds. I saw this first hand filming with him in Miami Beach and running around with him on the ultimate frisbee field. He is a role model of how to look, live, and feel as you enter the latter part of your life. This probably isn’t new information to anyone listening so I’ll just get to our talk already.

Of course I have to mention the Food Lies film crowdfunding first. There’s only 12 days left in the Indiegogo campaign and we have a long way to go. This is when we really need your help. It’s the last crowdfunding we’ll do and we need to hit our goal to make this film. I know it’s been a long process and people are tired of hearing about it, but it’s the only way this can be made. We have no outside investors. This is a group effort by the community to make an important piece of history. This will help change the world’s view of food and human health. Documentaries like this are the best way to inform the public of this important information and open people’s eyes.

If you’re listening to this podcast you probably know most of this stuff already - the problem is 98% of the world doesn’t! They’re not going to read all the studies and books and watch all the lectures that you have. They need to see this presented to them in a simple and entertaining audio-visual format that they can stream from the comfort of their own home on a wednesday night. Let’s make this happen. Please go to and click through to the Indiegogo page. That’s and you can also click through the link in the show notes. Thanks so much and here’s Mark Sisson.


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Show Notes

  • After about 25 years in Malibu he moved to Miami Beach

  • I filmed with Mark in his awesome condo and then we played ultimate frisbee

  • Mark has been in the health space for about 40 years and then got into ancestral health when it bloomed in the early 2000s

  • He started with his blog about 15 years ago which helped get the community involved and his message honed

  • He wrote The Primal Blueprint which is an amazing book that I continue to share with people as an entry point into ancestral health and nutrition

  • Through your environment, actions, and what you eat you have control over your gene expression

  • Our genes are awaiting information in order to act - epigenetic influences

  • Primal laws to live by

  • Rejecting modern norms leads to health - on either end of the spectrum

  • The most important factor is what you're not eating

  • Plant protein is less bioavailable and you're getting a bunch of extra carbs trying to get enough usable protein

  • We are wired to overeat

  • Our system of energy storage as fat is the most elegant, perfect design imaginable

  • Our body doesn't want to maintain expensive machinery it doesn't use - most people only burn glucose and lose the ability to burn fat efficiently

  • Being metabolically flexible is the win-win-win-win-win-win-win of nutrition and life

  • Some keto people go too hard in the other direction and are too fat adapted and can’t handle any bit of carbohydrate

  • Some people use keto as a way to overeat and maintain their gluttony

  • A lot of people doing keto for long periods don’t have high ketone numbers - body adapts

  • If you eat an appropriate amount of calories per day over your life you’ll probably help not wear your body out and maybe live longer

  • Everyone eats too many calories - he spells out a 1900 calorie day that should sustain anyone

  • Stephan Guyenet’s strategy to not overeat is to eat food that isn’t that tasty

  • His #1 goal in life is to live awesome and enjoy life - you can eat this way and still be healthy

  • His pet theories on the obesity and chronic disease epidemic

  • Access to these cheap, nutritionally devoid foods are at an all-time high

  • He thinks industrial seed oils are the biggest problems in our food system and the most damaging to our health

  • He carries around his own salad dressing made of avocado oil

  • Primal Kitchen sold to Kraft-Heinz but will remain under his control and will maintain all the high quality ingredients

  • The less glucose you burn in a lifetime the better

  • Lifespan vs. healthspan - don’t see these modern diseases in indigenous living populations

  • “Live long, drop dead”

  • People used to die from accidents, childbirth, traumatic events, and infectious diseases

  • He defines quality of life as mobility and memory

  • I eat this way because it’s the best way we know at the time to prevent chronic disease and extend healthspan

  • A lot of times we don’t realize the inflammation an ill-effects of our diets and lifestyle and think it’s just part of life

  • His arthritis that he thought he would have to live with for life went away at age 47 when he stopped eating grains

  • Whole 30 is a great way to see how much better you feel and examine your diet

  • How do we fight against vegan activist DISinformation?

  • They have way more money and are very organized and good at putting out propaganda

  • All we can do is put out sound, unbiased information and hopefully people will see the truth

  • Find Mark at


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