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Miki Ben-Dor on Our Meat-Eating & Happiness Utopia Before Agriculture

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Miki Ben-Dor, PhD - Peak Human Podcast


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Brian once again sits down with Miki Ben-Dor, a paleoanthropologist affiliated with Tel Aviv University. He specializes in the association between nutrition and evolution in humans, with a particular focus on reconstructing the Paleolithic diet. He conducted the study titled The evolution of the human trophic level during the Pleistocene ( and is the author of the 2023 book Live Paleo Style which can be purchased on Amazon.

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  • (06:47) The top two principles that the hunter-gatherers of the past lived by was autonomy and equality.

  • (15:44) What most people call the “paleo diet”, Miki simply calls our “natural diet”.

  • (31:24) Sharing is common in all nomadic hunter-gatherer societies.

  • (46:14) Those who continue to push the high-fiber, low-meat lifestyle are doing so disingenuously.

  • (1:15:40) Brian and Miki recap just a few pieces of evidence that humans evolved to be high-trophic-level carnivores that do best when they primarily consume meat and fat.

  • (1:30:00) Meaning is found in helping others.

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