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Natalie Kovarik and Tara Vander Dussen - Is Walmart Beef & Milk Healthy?

Natalie Kovarik & Tara Vander Dussen - Peak Human Podcast


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Natalie Kovarik

Natalie is a Ranch wife, mother, and social entrepreneur. She’s grown from an instagram following to include her own podcast, clothing line, an online course, and she now hosts marketing retreats for women in rural lifestyles.

Natalie’s website:

Clothing line:

Tara Vander Dussen

Tara is a 5th generation dairy farmer, environmental scientist, farm wife, and mother to 2 girls. She serves as president of United Dairy Women, a charity dedicated to providing dairy to families in New Mexico.

A passionate advocate for all things dairy farming. She’s proudly known as the New Mexico Milkmaid when sharing online. Her mission is to share the truth about dairy farming and weed out the misconceptions about farming and farm life.

Find her here:

Together with Tara they host the DiscoverAg podcast and help women with agriculture marketing with their Ecourses and Facebook community ElevateAg.

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[4:28] - Nuances of the ranching solution.

[8:00] - Types of ranching operations

[11:15] - Breakdown of farm sizes and stats in the US

[13:00] - Common misconception that cows spend their lives in cages

[15:10] - Cattle are naturally herd animals, it gives off a misconception that they’re always packed super close together when on pastures

[17:53] - The majority of people have been fed the propaganda that meat is the enemy

[21:00] - Are there bad players/practices in the industry?

[28:40] There’s a lot of arguments about how we get our food, but ultimately we still need some amount of efficiency for such large populations

[34:45] How has the quality of milk/meat changed? Can cows actually eat corn and non-traditional diets.

[39:52] Is marbled meat bad?

[48:39] What are some of the differences in nutrition with lab grown meat?

[53:10] - Is climate change a human cause? What’s the truth?

[59:29] Meat based diets are making a comeback and gaining traction over veganism.

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