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Rob Tuncks on Plant Foods Causing More Deaths, Why Told to Eat 80% Plant Foods, & Feeding the World

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Rob Tuncks - Peak Human Podcast


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Hello my friends, we’re back at it with another super interesting episode. I’m Brian Sanders and I’m creating the much anticipated Food Lies film. You can follow along with the progress as well as get daily valuable content on the latest health info, pertinent studies, nutrition news, and my diagrams and graphics making sense of the complicated and conflicting world of nutrition. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and join the now 100K people who are staying tuned into the latest and greatest info. Just search any of those platforms for “Food Lies” and you’ll find me.

Today I’m talking to Rob Tuncks who’s an Australian farmer and former telecommunication company owner. He sold his business, retired at 30, and now produces grass fed lamb as well as other plant and animal food products. He has very insightful experiences with food systems and the morals we have placed upon them because he has experience growing both plant and animal foods he is acutely aware of the vast amount of deaths required to grow the staple crops so much of the world relies on. He also studies food systems on a world scale to investigate the enormous caloric need to feed 7.7 billion people and how we can accomplish that.

We’ve been talking for many months about some of these issues and I think there’s so many challenging and important questions that need to be answered here. Some of his views are a bit hard to swallow. Some are necessary to acknowledge and address. Some make our broken food system make much more sense. He also could very well be wrong about some of these things. I think there’s some great solutions using holistic farming methods using plants and animals together. Humans are pretty intelligent and adaptable when we have to be.

Instead of my usual announcements, I’m just going to encourage people to go to to discover all the great things we have going on. No matter where you are on your health journey, we have resources and free things to help you on your way. We also have a link there for the Nose to Tail grass fed and finished meat. This is my company, I’m not promoting someone else’s service. Everything we’re doing at Sapien and Nose to Tail is created by us and for the specific purpose of getting humans healthier. We have the Tribe there with the special features, the Sapien Program, and more info about the Food Lies film as well. Just go to and get everything there.

I want to thank the community for being great and pushing this all forward. I love hearing your stories of success, so keep sending them in. Keep sharing this podcast and writing the reviews. And keep up your healthy living. Let’s grow old together. Enough out of me, please enjoy this interesting interview with my Australian pal, Rob Tuncks.


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