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Stan Efferding on Diet Advice From the Master Dieter - Cut Through the Diet & Muscle Building BS

Stan Efferding - Peak Human Podcast


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Stan Efferding is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and World Record Holding Powerlifter. He is one of only 10 men in the world to ever total over 2,300 pounds raw in competition. Stan holds the title as the Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder.

Stan studied Exercise Science at the University of Oregon and has been training high school, Collegiate, and Professional athletes for over 25 years.Stan conducts seminars all over the country for various sports and nutrition and training techniques. He has appeared in many magazines and writes for Muscular Development, Flex Magazine and Power Magazine.Stan is also a successful Entrepreneur having built three different start-up businesses into multi-million dollar companies.

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  • [5:10] The best diet is the one you can stick to.

  • [7:50] Stan’s dietary strategies.

  • [10:35] Vertical Diet criticisms.

  • [16:10] Less inflammatory foods.

  • [19:10] What is the vertical diet?

  • [23:55] Why Stan chooses steak over chicken.

  • [26:10] The importance of seafood.

  • [28:50] Why Stan likes starchy carbohydrates and potassium.

  • [33:10] Satiety and weight management.

  • [37:10] The difference between health and fitness.

  • [39:55] Sugar, flour, and oil are the main problem.

  • [44:40] Eat well. Feel Satisfied.

  • [46:40] Compliance comes down to satiety.

  • [49:10] More exercise doesn’t mean more weight loss.

  • [52:00] Weightlifting is more important than cardio.

  • [55:10] Hit each muscle twice a week.

  • [57:50] How many reps should you do?

  • [1:01:10] Are carbs better for muscle growth?

  • [1:07:10] Physiological and psychological effects of carbs.

  • [1:14:40] Stan’s monthly blood tests.

  • [1:17:40] Sifting through dietary dogma.

  • [1:24:10] Are vegetables overrated?

  • [1:26:10] Get a gram of protein per pound of body weight.

  • [1:28:10] Do kids need vegetables?

  • [1:33:30] Why Stan doesn’t like seed oils.

  • [1:39:35] Eat 1 dorito if you don’t have an appetite.

  • [1:42:10] The dietary guidelines fueled the food industry.

  • [1:46:10] The seed oil debate.

  • [1:49:10] Everyone wants to blame one thing for obesity.

  • [1:50:40] Rapid fire tips for success.

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