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The Datoga, Chagga, and Village & City Living in Africa - Our Experience in Tanzania & Uganda

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Mary Ruddick, CNC - Peak Human Podcast


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Here we are at the end of the 4 part Africa series with my amazing friend Mary Ruddick. If you haven’t listened to the previous 3, I’d suggest going back and starting at the beginning. I’d really recommend doing this for this entire podcast series. It’s designed as an educational journey through the complex, conflicting world that is nutrition, health, food, the environment, and more.

This episode covers the rest of our journey including the Datoga tribe, the Chagga on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the transition of all the native living populations into the villages and then into the city. It’s a very clear decline in health as they do so. Make sure to watch this video interview on the Food Lies youtube channel to see all the photos and videos from our trip. I went back and added them all in and you’d also get to see Mary’s smiling face as we talk!

There’s a bunch of great presentations and videos on the Food Lies youtube channel as well. You can see the Game CHangers DEBUNKED film, the Food Lies trailer, and a lot of short highlights from interviews that will go into the film.

You’ll hear us talk about Cows 4 Kids which is the organization Mary and I started after seeing the lack of animal foods in the diet of many of the tribes we visited, especially with the youngest people who need them the most. You can go to and click through to the Indiegogo campaign there. We already are over 60% of our campaign goal through all the generous contributions to the cause. 100% of the money is going to purchase animals for the school children.

Mary and I had a great Zoom call with one of our big contributors who put almost his whole covid relief check in. He said he didn’t ask for it, didn;t need it, and would rather see it go much further to help the communities in need. Check out what we’re doing at

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And now please enjoy this episode with Mary Ruddick.

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  • [4:40] An introduction to the Datoga (Tatoga).

  • [8:40] The 5 step process for grains not used as much by the Datoga.

  • [10:15] The Datogas’ abundance of health compared to some other tribes.

  • [11:05] Antinutrients and the importance of detoxifying them.

  • [13:50] Gluten and the problems it can cause.

  • [15:20] Issues that can come from eating nightshades.

  • [20:35] Differences of allergies in the tribes.

  • [24:40] General health of the Datoga (Tatoga).

  • [29:45] Introduction to the Chaga (Wachagga).

  • [32:15] Banana beer and fermentation.

  • [35:30] The Chagas’ housing and way of life.

  • [37:10] The diet of the Chaga.

  • [40:15] The incredible hospitality we experienced from the Chaga tribes.

  • [44:00] The traditional huts and living conditions of the Chaga.

  • [46:10] Salt consumption between the differing tribes.

  • [48:15] Agricultural based tribes whose health almost mirrored those from the US.

  • [53:30] Some high level closing thoughts from Brian and Mary.

  • [59:10] Richard’s update on his weight loss journey.

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Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
Apr 01, 2021

We are estranged from our nature, alas.

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