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The Maasai of Tanzania - What We Learned From Our Time with Them (w/ Mary Ruddick, CNC)

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The Maasai of Tanzania (w/ Mary Ruddick)- Peak Human Podcast


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Welcome back from the break everyone and welcome to season 9 of the Peak Human podcast! I’m Brian Sanders and I’m back from Africa with some stories! What an epic journey! I went there with Mary Ruddick, her boyfriend Drako who helped film, and director/filmographer Jay to spend some time with native living tribes to learn from them and get footage for the Food Lies film. For new listeners Food Lies is a feature-length documentary I’ve been working on for years. I’ve interviewed many of the top doctors, nutrition, and agriculture experts around the world and am now in the final stages of post-production.

You can find the (very outdated) trailer and some great highlight clips on the Food Lies youtube channel. You can also find out about all that we’re doing at and link to the film page from there.

This is a special episode today with the nutrition genius Mary Ruddick who graciously planned this whole trip. I’d definitely recommend watching the video version of this podcast on the Food Lies youtube so you can see Mary’s radiant, healthy face as well as photos of what we are talking about.

This episode is just on the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. We visited 2 main communities and talk about all that we learned from our time with them. We’ll have 3 more episodes coming out soon covering all the tribes and clans we spent time with.

You’ll here some super unique first-hand experience with one of the few groups of people in the world still living close to how they’ve lived for thousands of years. These are the people where the men live mostly on meat, blood, and milk. Spoiler alert - Mary and I drank the fresh blood and milk straight from the cow. Super cool experience along with a ton of other stuff we learned on how they are so healthy and live so long.

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  • [7:30] How learning about the Masai helped her own healing.

  • [9:30] What it was like staying in a modernized Masai village.

  • [13:00] Their diet and how it has slightly modernized.

  • [18:30] The experience of a traditional Masai goat dinner.

  • [30:10] The health and traditions of the Masai.

  • [39:00] Talking to the elders of the tribes and hearing what they had to say.

  • [39:45] The schooling system and how it might be responsible for the decline in health for the Masai’s younger generations.

  • [47:15] The second group of the Masai they stayed with.

  • [57:30] Covid and the Masai.

  • [1:03:00] Food culture for the Masai.

  • [1:05:20] Chronic health problems for the Masai?

  • [1:10:40] Some possible reasons for the discoloration of their teeth.

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Craig Castanet
Craig Castanet
Mar 25, 2021

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