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Ty Beal on the Top Nutrient Dense Food List & Global Nutrition Solutions

Ty Beal, PhD - Peak Human Podcast


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Ty Beal is based in Washington DC as a Research Advisor on the Knowledge Leadership team at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). In this role, he supports programmes, research, evaluation, and dissemination of knowledge to stakeholders.

He has extensive experience examining sustainable food systems, diet quality, food affordability, food supplies, micronutrient deficiencies, child growth and development, noncommunicable diseases, and global health. He obtained a PhD in Geography with emphasis in Global Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

00:00- A little bit about who Ty is

01:40- Why should we care about nutrients?

06:30- Ty's studies and the 6 most important nutrients

13:40- The importance of bioavailability and anti nutrients

20:50- Why we should stop fearing animal foods

23:00- Astonishing worldwide deficiency statistics

31:15- What even is a whole grain?

32:40- The food compass

42:15- Nutrient intake and stunted growth

47:00- Discussion on the food environment

52:50- The environmental issue and the future of health

1:00:00- The Eat Lancet diet

1:08:00- The spectrum of healthy diets

1:09:15- Should you eat leafy greens?

1:19:00- Where to find Ty

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00:00- Introduction

01:35- Who is Matt Grebosky

04:20- Why Austin Texas?

06:50- centralization of power

11:30- Building community

18:15- The importance of critical thinking

22:30- corruption of college

29:10- Food and farming

38:10- The nose to tail operation

43:30- Why eat nose to tail?

46:30- a few brief notes

54:05- Q and A segment: What is Brian currently eating?

59:16- Q and A segment: Does Brian ever cheat on his diet?

1:00:20- The value of sleep

1:00:50- Q and A segment: What is something, non-food-related, that Brian has never spoken about on the podcast?

1:02:05- Q and A segment: What are your thoughts on Elon Musk taking over Twitter?

1:03:15- Q and A segment: Brian's shadow banned on Instagram

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