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Dr. Zoe Harcombe on the Weird and Backwords World of Nutrition


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Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Zoe Harcombe has a PhD in public health nutrition, she speaks at conferences around the world, she’s wrote many books, and she’s a true gem. She currently lives in rural England and apparently has a great mic and internet connection because she sounded like she was in studio with me. She’s an expert on dietary guidelines (and how unscientific our current ones are), nutrition and obesity.

She’s a prolific writer and has an amazingly informative site that I use frequently and I suggest people check out to learn about this stuff - it’s - So let’s hear what she has to say!

Before we start I have to give a shout out to everyone who’s contributed to the Indiegogo campaign, I’m so grateful. We’re extending it 30 more days and I’m sure we’re going to hit our goal if everyone continues to support us by pre-ordering a copy of the Food Lies film.


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Show Notes

  • She used to be vegetarian, but has reformed!

  • Vegetarian bias is rampant

  • Saturated fat is in everything - how is it bad?

  • Our nutrition guidelines are BS

  • Why 5 a day isn't based on anything

  • High nutrition of meat, fish, eggs, dairy and low nutrition of fruit and some veg

  • How you can eat a nutrient complete diet for $5.53/day

  • How cancer is not caused by whole foods like red meat that we’ve been eating for millions of years

  • Big fellas at weddings crushing rice at every meal

  • There’s more myths out there we’ve all just come to believe including bad cholesterol, drinking tons of water, eating tons of fiber

  • The Vegetarian Myth (Lierre Keith - great book all their arguments break down

  • Cows and other ruminants are imperative to a healthy planet and food security

  • Vegan/vegetarian food is raping our planet

  • Allan Savory’s TED talk

  • Grass-Fed Nation by Graham Harvey

  • No such thing as a heart-healthy grain. But eat what’s in front of you and don’t be a dick.

  • Dr. Perlmutter Grain Brain - read this too, it’s great

  • Basically universally feel better when people come off of refined grains, sugar, and vegetable oils

  • Thermodynamics, fat, and the human body

  • Why calories in doesn't equal calories out

  • Gaining weight while skiing 8 hours a day and eating pasta and me gaining weight while hiking 8 hours a day and eating a bit of rice.

  • Too much exercise hurts weight loss a lot of the time

  • Are things getting better in regards to this info spreading?

  • Nina Teicholz

  • Sam Feltham

  • Aseem Malhotra

  • David Unwin

  • Campbell Murdoch

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